Highlighting the Wonders of Psyche

Cindy Furukawa

December 15th, 2023

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: Craft-Resin, Copic Markers, Polymer Clay, Rhinestones, Origami Paper, and Ribbon

About the work: “Highlighting the Wonders of Psyche” is an art piece symbolizing the innovation and exploration of new discoveries fostered by the mission, which is displayed through an illuminated lamp. I decided to encompass both the essence of the goddess Psyche and the asteroid to show the dual ideas associated with the name “Psyche”. By implementing transparent materials, I tried to create an overall stained glass effect that successfully casted a warm radiance to Psyche’s hair. Her features were designed by cutting out metallic, gold origami paper so when the light is on, the lining of her face stands out, and when the lamp is turned off, her features remain soft and elegant. I utilized Copic alcohol markers to draw her hair and used colors throughout that related to the NASA Psyche mission logo, while incorporating darker shades of blue to represent a space theme. I also intentionally added the drawing of the goddess Psyche on the outside of the lamp shade and placed the asteroid cut-out on the inside, making it visible only when the lamp is on. The asteroid is made out of blue cellophane and scrapbooking paper, and the craters outlined were crafted by cutting pieces of origami paper. To decorate the rest of the blank space I layered resin and gel nail polish to experiment with different textures and colors, which was accomplished by mixing paints and sprinkling on crystal beads and glitter. Rhinestones were scattered across the lamp shade to add a bit of sparkle. Since the base of the lamp is clear glass, I sculpted a miniature model of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, that launched the Psyche spacecraft, out of polymer clay. In order to depict the exhaust and smoke, I utilized sheer ribbon and sewed them together to create folds and ruffles that added the desired billowing effect.

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Date Added: 12-15-2023
Credit: Cindy Furukawa

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