Soul of Space

Rebecca Holdren

December 1st, 2023

Major: Political Science

Genre/Medium: Ink Pen, Markers, and Bleeding Tissue Paper

About the work: This piece was created with ink pens, bleeding tissue paper, and markers. It depicts Psyche as a combination of the spacecraft, the asteroid, and the Greek goddess. Her wings are based on the spacecraft’s solar arrays and her dress is inspired by ancient Greek clothing. Craters from the asteroid are also represented on both her face and dress. The metallic gray color palette and geometric patterns represent the technical complexity of the spacecraft. The background of the piece depicts space as a colorful mesh of overlapping patterns and spirals, reflecting how space isn’t just an empty void, but a place of wonder and possibility with countless stars, planets, asteroids, and other phenomena to explore. Continuously inspiring further research and curiosity, the wonders and possibilities awaiting in the sky are the soul of space exploration. Since Psyche is the Greek goddess of the soul, there’s no better name for this art piece than ‘Soul of Space.’

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Date Added: 12-01-2023
Credit: Rebecca Holdren

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