Psyche Stamped


May 6th, 2024

Major: Business and Art History

Genre/Medium: Rubber, archival ink, paper, fabric

About the work: This work envisions a line of Psyche mission branded merch, from T-shirts to postcards. The print is made up of 8 separate stamps carved from rubber that are each printed one at a time. The top of the stamp reads “PSYCHE” and the bottom line of numbers refer to the date on which the Psyche spacecraft launched! The upper middle section of the stamp depicts the Psyche logo, and it draws inspiration from the previous drafts of the Psyche badge logo. Unlike the current version of the logo, the stamp does not feature different shades of colors with lines of separation in between. The bottom middle section draws from one of the other original concepts for the logo, namely the Widmanstätten pattern. The lines within the half moon shape are meant to resemble the cross section of some iron meteorites. Altogether, each part of the stamp aims to show the progression of the mission over time, from conception to launch.

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Date Added: 05-06-2024
Credit: Danielle Gu

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