Heart-felt Symphony

Miranda Unwin

March 29th, 2024

Major: Art

Genre/Medium: Colored Felt, Sewing Thread, Cotton filling, Pipe Cleaner, Velcro

About the work: Heart-Felt Symphony is a 3D interpretation of the multifaceted pieces of the Psyche Mission. Four main elements were chosen to represent the mission, crafted with colored felt and sewing thread. The pieces chosen to represent the mission in felt were: The Psyche Asteroid, the Psyche Spacecraft, the Falcon Heavy Rocket carrying the spacecraft, and the DSN (Deep Space Network) Antenna. I represented these elements with as much accuracy as possible through this interesting medium to the renderings and pictures available through NASA’s database. Each felt character has a unique facial expression created with felt to add fun and humanistic characteristics to the figure. The Psyche Asteroid was carefully shaped and cut out to match the rendering available of the Mission to Psyche’s destination. Each felt figure was cut into a pattern and then stuffed with cotton filling to create a 3D effect. Strips of colored felt were carefully chosen to match the elements of their real-life counterparts. Read more…

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Date Added: 03-29-2024
Credit: Miranda Unwin

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