Forging Forward

Angela Huang

December 6th, 2023

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: Digital Art (Clip Studio Paint)

About the work: How do ancient narratives map onto our world today? The myth of Psyche from 2nd-century novel Metamorphoses is the inspiration behind countless spin-off stories, art pieces, and one very massive metallic asteroid—(16) Psyche. My goal with this piece was to map the Psyche and Eros mythological characters in a moment within her story over the current mission of the Psyche satellite sent to orbit the (16) Psyche asteroid, with my own views and beliefs mapped onto traditional depictions in the piece’s composition and execution. Reading Psyche’s story, I was struck by how much she had to go through and how much she chose to go through to prove herself. Read more…

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Date Added: 12-06-2023
Credit: Angela Huang

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