Forging Forward

Angela Huang

December 6th, 2023

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: Digital Art (Clip Studio Paint)

About the work: How do ancient narratives map onto our world today? The myth of Psyche from 2nd-century novel Metamorphoses is the inspiration behind countless spin-off stories, art pieces, and one very massive metallic asteroid—16-Psyche. My goal with this piece was to map the Psyche and Eros mythological characters in a moment within her story over the current mission of the Psyche satellite sent to orbit the 16-Psyche asteroid, with my own views and beliefs mapped onto traditional depictions in the piece’s composition and execution. Reading Psyche’s story, I was struck by how much she had to go through and how much she chose to go through to prove herself. Read more…

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Date Added: 12-06-2023
Credit: Angela Huang

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