Psyche’s Treasured Keepsakes

Cindy Furukawa

February 21st, 2024

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: Polymer clay, UV resin, beads, paint, jewelry Making

About the work: “Psyche’s Treasured Keepsakes” is a trinket dish and bracelet set inspired by the Psyche goddess. For the dish itself, I created a butterfly-shaped base from polymer clay drawing inspiration from the association of butterflies with the goddess Psyche. In the left corner of the wing, I sculpted a miniature version of the Psyche goddess. Referencing the color scheme of the mission’s logo, I painted the dish in vibrant shades of purple, magenta, pink, and orange. To reflect a night sky of stars, I decided on a dark purplish-blue tone for Psyche’s hair and glossed over it in sparkly nail polish. To complement the base, a shimmering pink outfit was chosen, while miniature star glitters were scattered across the dish for extra sparkle. In order to ensure a clean finish, I coated the trinket dish in UV resin, giving it a polished shine. Additionally, I handcrafted a bracelet to act as a set. I opted for an intertwining bracelet and used pearl beads for an elegant look without overshadowing the trinket dish. In the center of the bracelet is a pendant that is inspired by the asteroid itself. The design of the bracelet symbolizes the interconnectedness of the Psyche mission’s impacts of fostering new discoveries in science and its influence on artistic interpretations of exploring the soul of Psyche. This project’s focus was on intimacy and personalization, envisioning a piece that blends into your daily life. Whether it be sitting on a desk or used as a decorative storage for keys, office supplies, and your cherished accessories, this trinket dish adds a vibrant touch of color to the room. Its design also provides a cute companion to keep your belongings safe from getting lost.

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Date Added: 02-21-2024
Credit: Cindy Furukawa

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