Core Value

Leila Mirza

November 29th, 2023

Major: Undeclared

Genre/Medium: Ceramics/Stoneware Clay

About the work: Ceramic art is inherently experimental—you never know what will emerge from the kiln. Embracing the risk, I worked with clay types and glazes that were new to me. In doing so, I sought a connection to the explorative, uncertain nature of the Psyche mission. Studying celestial bodies like (16) Psyche, the building blocks of our solar system, is incredibly exciting because of what we might learn about the cosmos and our place in it. After researching the mission and the metal-rich Psyche asteroid, I was incredibly drawn to the anticipated, but not yet confirmed, chemical makeup of its core. My asteroid vessel was thrown with a gritty, black stoneware clay. Metallic glaze bursts from the core in the hope that we will strike gold.

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Date Added: 11-29-2023
Credit: Leila Mirza

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