Interplanetary Pattern

kyra Correa

December 18th, 2023

Major: Illustration

Genre/Medium: Digital Painting

About the work: A repeating pattern featuring (16) Psyche, Psyche spacecraft, Earth, the Moon, a Falcon Heavy rocket, and Mars. I used many of the same elements in this pattern as I did in my “Psyche Magnets,” as I would like to design packaging for them using the pattern! I also created a version using the official Psyche mission branding colors by applying a gradient map to my original pattern.

For this piece, I experimented a bit with digital painting. I focused on giving each element a rich texture without perfectly rendering everything out, and found that I really enjoyed it! I’ve been designing lots of very tight, exact pieces recently, so doing something a bit looser was a breath of fresh air for me.

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Date Added: 12-18-2023
Credit: Kyra Correa

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