Alexandra SZabo

December 22nd, 2023

Major: Psychology

Genre/Medium: Glass Ornaments, Acrylic Paint and Spray Paints, Paper, Mini LED Lights

About the work: Aside from Psyche, many other inspirations helped me bring this project to life, including my professor, who recommended the Psyche Inspired program to me. She loves Christmas ornaments, and I thought it would be nice to dedicate this project to her. I chose glass baubles to work with because of their good quality. For the acrylic paint on the outside, I used the colors of Psyche, to represent the Heavy Bombardment Era. This is one of the most important phenomena in history, filled with incredible information about the birth of our solar system and our life on Earth. I also wanted to show the metallic elements that scientists are expecting to find in Psyche, so I used glitter on the inside of the bauble for this. Psyche’s distinctive craters also caught my attention, and I used craft paper that I spraypainted prior to forming them and gluing them to the side. The small LED-lights are on the side of the craters to highlight this distinctive feature. I hope you’ll enjoy my festive piece.

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Date Added: 12-22-2023
Credit: Alexandra Szabo

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