The Light of Psyche

Meagan martin

February 23rd, 2024

Major: Engineering with Industrial Design

Genre/Medium: Glass, Wood, and LED lights

About the work: “The Light of Psyche” is a blown glass lamp in the shape of the Psyche asteroid set on a wooden base. This work was inspired by the physical form of the Psyche asteroid as well as the strong emotional connection society has to Psyche as a beacon of hope, inspiration, and wonder–a true representation of the human soul.

The blown glass form was created through the use of a 3D print of the Psyche asteroid, a silicon mold of a negative of the form, a wax positive of the asteroid, and a one-use Plaster mold. The glass form was blown in the plaster mold and finished via cold working. The wooden base was shaped via a router and stained with natural wood stain. The LED light is inlaid in the base in a recessed port.

This work was made possible due to the help and guidance of Zachary Fielder, Dyllan Nguyen, Sarah Swartwout, James Morley Read, James McLeod, Benjamin Linder, Conor Davies, Olivia Eburne, Chirs Watts, and Jeff Mentuck.

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Date Added: 02-23-2024

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