Secret Ingredient Resin Bowl

Alexandra SZabo

March 13th, 2024

Major: Psychology

Genre/Medium: Epoxy Resin and Crushed Glass

About the work: This “Secret Ingredient Resin Bowl” resembles the colors and shapes of life. The bright colors represent (16) Psyche and the sparkly glass edges stand for star dust. But what is the secret ingredient?

In these sections we usually talk about inspirations. This time I wanted to take time for the inspiration’s inspiration, the root of how I got here. I’d like to remind us of all about how hard it is to find time for relaxing and creative activities these days. Art sets our mind free, no boundaries; we can be whoever we want to be. In their article, Megan E. Beerse, Theresa Van Lith and Gregg Stanwood investigated the effects of something called Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy (MBAT) and concluded that this method has great stress-reduction potential.

My original project was a mod podge bowl, which completely failed. I am glad that this happened, because it made me seek other opportunities and found the brand new world of epoxy resin. You can see the fail-picture at the end of the showcase photos. It was very flimsy, it would not keep its shape, but inspired me to look for something else. This is the beauty in the world of art and sciences, when one thing fails, it doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s just a new beginning.

I’d like to grab the opportunity to say thank you to all of our guest speakers so far. Your time, effort and advice are all so meaningful and inspiring!

(The secret ingredient is YOU. You can see your reflection in the bowl.)

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Date Added: 03-13-2024
Credit: Alexandra Szabo

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