Uncovering Psyche


April 9th, 2024

Major: Computer Science

Genre/Medium: Acrylic Painting

About the work: “Uncovering Psyche” is an abstract exploration of the emotions experienced by Annibale de Gasparis, the discoverer of Psyche, as he first gazed upon the celestial object. Around the asteroid, there are vibrant colors and illustrated depictions of stars to represent the exuberance de Gasparis must have felt when he first gazed upon Psyche.

This piece is also a representation of a leading hypothesis of Psyche’s formation. Our current leading hypothesis is that Psyche is the remaining core of a planetesimal that was slowly differentiated. As such, Psyche is painted in muted colors, and the surrounding colors represent the “ghost” of its former planetary shell.

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Date Added: 04-09-2024
Credit: Aditi Mungale

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