Full Circle

Leila Mirza

May 17th, 2024

Major: Undeclared

Genre/Medium: Stoneware Clay

About the work: My final piece is called Full Circle. I carved the Mission to Psyche logo symmetrically around a donut shaped body. This piece combines my love for throwing shapes on the wheel with the novelty of carving shapes into clay rather than painting them on top. In my mind, it is a feminist piece celebrating the female goddess and female leadership of the mission. I am incredibly inspired by the work of the mission’s principal investigator Lindy Elkins-Tanton. After she came to speak to us, I got to learn about the effort and persistence it took to write grants to NASA, eventually be selected, and now have a satellite up in the air.

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Date Added: 05-17-2024
Credit: Leila Mirza

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