Polarity of Psyche


January 12th, 2024

Major: Computer Science

Genre/Medium: Watercolor and Ink

About the work: The beauty of Psyche lies in the many meanings that are intertwined with its name. Psyche is the name of the Greek goddess of the soul, but it is also the name of an incredible space mission exploring an asteroid light years away. “Polarity of Psyche” explores the idea of two very different concepts coming together, and the intriguing relationship between a physical and abstract idea.

The foreground of the painting contains a depiction of Psyche the goddess in an ethereal forest. She has butterfly wings behind her figure as an homage to the traditional iconography associated with the myth. The sky is painted with swirling clouds and a silhouette of the psyche spacecraft, depicting its journey throughout space. Both Psyches are outlined in gold ink to signify the common connection between the dual figures.

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Date Added: 01-12-2024
Credit: Aditi Mungale

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