Blueprint of Psyche

Paige Manley

May 24th, 2024

Major: 3D Digital Design

Genre/Medium: Cyanotype (Sun Prints) on Fabric

About the work: This piece explores the different aspects of Psyche through images created on fabric using the cyanotype process and then combined in a collage using a needle and thread. To represent the mission, I included images of the asteroid and the spacecraft. To represent the mythology, I included images of statues of the goddess Psyche and butterflies, which are the main symbol of the goddess. Additionally, I included images of various plants as well as of the solar system.

To create the cyanotypes, I began by creating and printing digital negatives onto transparent paper of all the images I wanted to print (see photo 1 in the process image). I then cut pieces of fabric to match the size of each image (2). After this, I mixed together the chemicals needed to create a cyanotype and painted them onto the fabric in a dark room in order to not expose them too early. Once the fabric was dry, I placed the negatives on top of the fabric on a board and then held them in place with a piece of glass (3). I took the fabric outside and let it sit in the sun, with exposure times varying between groups (4-6). Once exposed, I rinsed out the chemicals and let the fabric dry (7). When the fabric was dry, I sewed the pieces together using a needle and thread.

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Date Added: 05-24-2024
Credit: Paige Manley

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