Psyche Inspired: Sunny Collins

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Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Graphic Information Technology (UX)

Psyche Inspired Class: 2022-2023

Psyche in Stages

Sunny Collins

November 21st, 2022

Major: Graphic Information Technology (UX)

Genre/Medium: Silicone geode coaster molds, Epoxy resin, various resin dyes, metallic foil flakes, holographic foil flakes, electrical wires, nuts, rubber bands, magnetic tape

About the work: For my first Psyche Inspired project, I created 4 abstract sculptures representing the various storylines of not only the Psyche mission but the asteroid itself. I really wanted to portray the colorful, expressive, technical, exciting, useful, and hopeful nature of the mission through these four interpretations. At first, my plan was to take a planter saucer, fill it with electrical wire, bolts, nuts, screws, nails, and magnetic tape all being manipulated to look like Psyche. Additionally, I wanted to use materials that represent the satellite being sent to analyze Psyche. I quickly realized that keeping all of those small pieces together would be difficult without some sort of bonding agent. Resin came to mind as a successful way to keep all of the materials together while also being able to still see everything clearly. Read more…

Impact of psyche in light

Sunny Collins

January 13th, 2023

Major: Graphic Information Technology (UX)

Genre/Medium: Paper, needle, and light captured with photography

About the work: “I was inspired by the giant impact and following hit-and-run impacts that made Psyche what it is today. The destruction was just the beginning and resembles a galaxy as the mantle is sprayed across space. Light felt like a perfect medium to use since it is how we see space. Additionally, using light heightened the resemblance to a galaxy even more so.

The photos and video were created by taking a 9in x 12in piece of Bristol paper and lightly sketching a circle for Psyche and lines for the remnants coming off of it after impact. Once the sketch was done, I took a needle and poked holes along the lines. The variation in the proximity of the holes represents both the distance and density. Then in a dark room with a strong flashlight I held the piece of paper above a glossy white counter and shined the light through so the dots would show through on the counter below.

Two of the photos show the image of the impact of Psyche in exactly the way I described my process, while the other two show insight into the process. In one photo, you can see the paper with the light coming through, as well as the light being shown through to the counter, The other photo shows the light along with the reflection of the paper in the counter.

The video is meant to give more energy and movement to the concept with light running along the spiral. The dots merging and flowing together as the light runs along the poked dots of the paper. I thought this would be a nice way to illustrate the transfer and creation of energy through the impact of Psyche.”

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