Psyche in Stages

Sunny Collins

November 21st, 2022

Major: Graphic Information Technology (UX)

Genre/Medium: Silicone geode coaster molds, Epoxy resin, various resin dyes, metallic foil flakes, holographic foil flakes, electrical wires, nuts, rubber bands, magnetic tape

About the work: For my first Psyche Inspired project, I created 4 abstract sculptures representing the various storylines of not only the Psyche mission but the asteroid itself. I really wanted to portray the colorful, expressive, technical, exciting, useful, and hopeful nature of the mission through these four interpretations. At first, my plan was to take a planter saucer, fill it with electrical wire, bolts, nuts, screws, nails, and magnetic tape all being manipulated to look like Psyche. Additionally, I wanted to use materials that represent the satellite being sent to analyze Psyche. I quickly realized that keeping all of those small pieces together would be difficult without some sort of bonding agent. Resin came to mind as a successful way to keep all of the materials together while also being able to still see everything clearly. From there I thought it might be better to scale down and expand the interpretation to 4 distinct yet cohesive aspects of Psyche. Geode resin molds for coasters felt like the perfect way to portray the rocky exterior. I used three different geode molds which I thought would add some visual diversity to the pieces as well as cater to the idea that we do not quite know what Psyche looks like except for its size and 2 craters. That is why I also thought it was important to showcase both sides of the coasters. Each piece looks very different on either side, one more fluid the other more graphic.

The first piece is named “Earth” and has a hole in its center to represent the missing information about our core. Through the other pieces in the collection, however, we hope to fill in this missing piece via Psyche. The white, silver metallic, and blue translucent dye represents the sky while the electrical wire and bits of magnetic tape illustrate what we know about our own magnetic field. Holographic foil flakes were also sprinkled throughout the mold for another metallic element.

The second piece is named “Destruction” and represents Psyche’s crust being stripped away to reveal its core. It is meant to feel uneasy, tumultuous, chaotic, and evolving. A rubber band, nuts, foil flakes, resin dyes (red, black, white, silver metallic), and various electrical wires are again encased in resin. The red is especially meant to portray the fire, melting, and movement of the changing asteroid. The rubber band does a nice job of showing this with its color and natural curl.

The third piece is named “Psyche” for a current interpretation of the asteroid as it is. The metal elements are clearly exposed and have settled from the prior destruction. White, black, gold and silver metallic dyes were used to show light, shadow, and metal all in one. Electrical wire, nuts, and metallic foil flakes have again been used.

The final piece is named “Evolution” as it combines colors and elements from the other three pieces. I wanted a cumulative piece that held all the other together. A piece that visually represented the 3 together in color and concept. While Evolution is not physically a stage, conceptually it represents the insight and knowledge gained from the Psyche Mission.

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Date Added: 11-21-2022
Credit: Sunny Collins

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