The Bones of Psyche

Sunny Collins

May 17th, 2023

Major: Graphic Information Technology (UX)

Genre/Medium: Screenprinting, Linocut, Pen and Ink, Canvas, Marker

About the work: The Bones of Psyche represents our humanity in the mission. Through Psyche we will hopefully gain further insight into Earth and it’s core, and therefore how life formed. The mysteries behind Psyche are as much a part of it as we are, which is why the asteroid is portrayed as the human skull with the satellite flying in to observe it. I wanted this to be tactile, a bit messy and fun, so using screen printing, linocut, marker, with pen and ink felt appropriate. Plus, I had never done screen printing before and it allowed me to experience something new creatively!

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Date Added: 05-17-2023
Credit: Sunny Collins

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