Psyche in Stages

Sunny Collins

November 21st, 2022

Major: Graphic Information Technology (UX)

Genre/Medium: Silicone geode coaster molds, Epoxy resin, various resin dyes, metallic foil flakes, holographic foil flakes, electrical wires, nuts, rubber bands, magnetic tape

About the work: For my first Psyche Inspired project, I created 4 abstract sculptures representing the various storylines of not only the Psyche mission but the asteroid itself. I really wanted to portray the colorful, expressive, technical, exciting, useful, and hopeful nature of the mission through these four interpretations. At first, my plan was to take a planter saucer, fill it with electrical wire, bolts, nuts, screws, nails, and magnetic tape all being manipulated to look like Psyche. Additionally, I wanted to use materials that represent the satellite being sent to analyze Psyche. I quickly realized that keeping all of those small pieces together would be difficult without some sort of bonding agent. Resin came to mind as a successful way to keep all of the materials together while also being able to still see everything clearly. Read more…

Date Added: 11-21-2022
Credit: Sunny Collins

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