Psyche Inspired: Danitza Govea

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Graphic Design

Psyche Inspired Class: 2022-2023

Reflections on Psyche Inspired

Reflections on Project 1: journey of metal

journey of metal

danitza Govea

November 18th, 2022

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Digital Poster, Illustrator

About the work: This digital piece was inspired by the multiple orbits of the mission and the orbits of the planets that are closely related to the Psyche mission. By displaying the multiple orbital discs in a monochromatic color scheme I hope to guide the viewer’s eye to view the entire piece and gain their curiosity with the implemented QR code.

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Reflections on Project 2: A familiar sight

A familiar sight

danitza Govea

January 30th, 2023

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Digital Art, Photobashing made in Photoshop

About the work: A Familiar Sight is a representation of humanity’s dedication to the Psyche mission. It shows that through years of hard work, humanity will finally have that leap forward and be able to record data once the Psyche spacecraft reaches the asteroid.

This digital piece was inspired by concept art created by collecting photographs, then cutting and merging them into a composition with a technique called photobashing. Once this step was completed, I edited the colors of the objects and subject, then edited the exposure to match the background. Next, I drew on some of the images to create texture, shadows and highlights to blend into the environment.

By using the asteroid as a source to emit light onto the astronaut and environment, it invites you to explore the surroundings from background to foreground. To conclude the photobashing piece, I added the two black stripes that concept artists often use to showcase their work.

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Reflections on Project 3: Collisions


danitza Govea

April 7th, 2023

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: 3D Animation, Blender

About the work: Learning about the possibility of other Psyche creation stories, led me to create a 3D animation to explore the protoplanet collision scenario.

The composition features two protoplanets crashing as they burst into light in the colors of Psyche. Being inspired by product advertisements, I made the camera move through the scene to invite the viewers into the experience. To immerse further, I added an explosion sound and background noise to make everything feel cohesive.

The animation was created in Blender by taking two spheres and adding textures to them. Then, I animated a fracture sequence around the planet’s core lighting. Lastly, the render was taken to Premiere Pro to fix dimensions and attach audio to the sequence.

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Reflections on Project 4: Psyche’s Hold

Psyche’s Hold

danitza Govea

May 19th, 2023

Genre/Medium: Digital Art, Photoshop, After Effects

About the work: Psyche’s Hold is a nod to the Greek mythological story of Psyche. Despite facing many trials, she holds onto her heart with a sense of confidence. The heart carries all her ambitions and shows that she is pushing toward her goals, represented by the Psyche asteroid.

The digital art animation features the Psyche goddess holding the floating asteroid inside a Greek building. All the skills I learned from previous projects led up to this point of trying something new. Being inspired by video game splash art, I created a simplistic version of that to highlight the character I created.

This was created in Photoshop by drawing the goddess and then splicing her into separate layers, then transferring her into After Effects to lightly animate. The process was split into a few weeks consisting of finalizing the drawing, watching tutorials on how to separate the different elements of animation, practicing animation tutorials, and then combining all these to create the final product.

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