Danitza Govea

April 7th, 2023

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: 3D Animation, Blender

About the work: Learning about the possibility of other Psyche creation stories, led me to create a 3D animation to explore the protoplanet collision scenario.

The composition features two protoplanets crashing as they burst into light in the colors of Psyche. Being inspired by product advertisements, I made the camera move through the scene to invite the viewers into the experience. To immerse further, I added an explosion sound and background noise to make everything feel cohesive.

The animation was created in Blender by taking two spheres and adding textures to them. Then, I animated a fracture sequence around the planet’s core lighting. Lastly, the render was taken to Premiere Pro to fix dimensions and attach audio to the sequence.

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Date Added: 04-07-2023
Credit: Danitza Govea

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