A Familiar Sight

Danitza Govea

January 30th, 2023

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Digital Art, Photobashing made in Photoshop

About the work: A Familiar Sight is a representation of humanity’s dedication to the Psyche mission. It shows that through years of hard work, humanity will finally have that leap forward and be able to record data once the Psyche spacecraft reaches the asteroid.

This digital piece was inspired by concept art created by collecting photographs, then cutting and merging them into a composition with a technique called photobashing. Once this step was completed, I edited the colors of the objects and subject, then edited the exposure to match the background. Next, I drew on some of the images to create texture, shadows and highlights to blend into the environment.

By using the asteroid as a source to emit light onto the astronaut and environment, it invites you to explore the surroundings from background to foreground. To conclude the photobashing piece, I added the two black stripes that concept artists often use to showcase their work.

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Date Added: 01-30-2023
Credit: Danitza Govea

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