Wire We Going to Psyche

Hope Elliott

April 28th, 2023

Major: Aerospace Engineering (Astronautics)

Genre/Medium: Crochet with metal wire, rocks

About the work: For “Wire We Going to Psyche” I crocheted the body of the asteroid using different gauges of metal wire. Once the shell was completed, it was filled with different types of river rocks to complement the wire and add dimension. This allows the model to have bumps, ridges, and dips. The model was filled with rocks inside the glass vase to also help it hold its shape and be easily viewed. Rocks and wires are also littered throughout the bottom of the glass vase. The model was created to give people my creative take on Psyche 16 and to invite them to explore it. The model can be felt and touched through the opening of the glass bowl. This was included to help explore the metallic and rocky features of the asteroid easily. I was inspired by @Izana.art on TikTok to try a new method of crocheting with wire. I have loved depicting Psyche in different mediums throughout this program, and I thought that this could be so well applied to Psyche 16.

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Date Added: 04-28-2023
Credit: Hope Elliott

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