Psyche’s Hold

Danitza Govea

May 19th, 2023

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Digital Art, Photoshop, After Effects

About the work: Psyche’s Hold is a nod to the Greek mythological story of Psyche. Despite facing many trials, she holds onto her heart with a sense of confidence. The heart carries all her ambitions and shows that she is pushing toward her goals, represented by the Psyche asteroid.

The digital art animation features the Psyche goddess holding the floating asteroid inside a Greek building. All the skills I learned from previous projects led up to this point of trying something new. Being inspired by video game splash art, I created a simplistic version of that to highlight the character I created.

This was created in Photoshop by drawing the goddess and then splicing her into separate layers, then transferring her into After Effects to lightly animate. The process was split into a few weeks consisting of finalizing the drawing, watching tutorials on how to separate the different elements of animation, practicing animation tutorials, and then combining all these to create the final product.

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Date Added: 05-19-2023
Credit: Danitza Govea

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