Psyche Timeline Coloring-Book Zine

Caillyn Jeffery

May 9, 2022

Major: Creative Technologies

Genre/Medium: Digital Illustration

About the work: This piece, the Psyche Timeline Coloring-Book Zine (downloadable PDF), celebrates the six main phases of the Psyche Mission timeline. Each coloring page visually represents the goals or purpose of the phase, utilizing both abstract and literal forms. However, this piece is only partially finished… the final artwork is created by those engaging with the coloring pages, adding their own color and artistic vision to each! The pages are purposefully left imperfect, with wobbly lines, overlapping lines, and more… this is to enhance the collaborative experience between myself and those who wish to participate in the coloring book. Visual elements are pulled both from information displayed on the Psyche website, as well as my own interpretation of the events and purposes of each phase. Viewers are encouraged to print out the pages and add their own color! These images, if they wish to be shared, can be emailed to

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Date Added: 05-09-2022
Credit: Caillyn Jeffery

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