Psyche Magnets

Kyra Correa

November 16th, 2023

Major: Illustration

Genre/Medium: Travel/souvenir magnets. Laser cut and engraved cast acrylic, paint pens, neodymium magnets

About the work: When my family travels, we always bring back a magnet to remember our trip by. So, for my first project, I fabricated three magnets depicting the major stops on Psyche’s journey for us on Earth to remember it by! The first magnet shows Psyche blasting off from Earth aboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, with the ocean and sky behind Kennedy Space Center visible in the background as the rocket passes above the clouds and into the stars, forming the “T” in “blast off.” Read more…

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Date Added: 11-16-2023
Credit: Kyra Correa

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