PSY-FI: Beats to Relax/Study/Explore Space to

Alyssa Armstrong

April 14th, 2023

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Minor: Studio Art)

Genre/Medium: Music and Digital Art

About the work: Everything starts with a sketch. All my projects so are the result of time, skill, and effort, but they all began with an idea and the courage to chase it. In PSY-FI I represent the culmination of my experience in Psyche Inspired. It’s crazy to think that I would have never created these artworks if I didn’t apply to this program. It’s even crazier to think that I might have never tried making a lofi song had I not been selected.

Lofi music is usually playing when I’m drawing or studying (both of which I do a LOT) but I’ve never made a song before. I’ve played violin, ukulele, and drums (I’ve dabbled in guitar and piano too) but I didn’t know anything about music production. However, as an artist and engineer, I am always learning new things, so the idea of diving into a new art form excited me! With the help of Youtube, I learned how to use a digital audio interface (DAW) called Waveform Free and the basics of music production.

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Date Added: 04-14-2023
Credit: Alyssa Armstrong

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