Psyche Inspired: Alyssa Armstrong

Institution: Arizona State University

Major:  Mechanical Engineering (Minor: Studio Art)

Psyche Inspired Class: 2022-2023

soul of psyche

Alyssa Armstrong

November 8th, 2022

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Minor: Studio Art)

Genre/Medium: Digital Painting

About the work: In “Soul of Psyche”, the goddess, the asteroid, and the spacecraft meet at the intersection of art and engineering. Through vibrant colors and expressive digital brushstrokes, the spacecraft is propelled by equations to meet the goddess Psyche as she presents her soul, the asteroid. The Greek goddess of the soul could hold the secrets to both her core and ours.

My inspiration began with color and myth. The Psyche badge inspired me to create a character design of the goddess Psyche. Her story is my favorite because it is one of the few Greek myths that does not end in tragedy. I wished to represent the goddess’ hope, perseverance, and beauty in the design.

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Launch on the Runway: A Psyche Fashion Line

Alyssa Armstrong & Hope Elliott

January 17th, 2023

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Minor: Studio Art)

Genre/Medium: Crochet and Digital Painting

About the work: 

“For this project, we created crochet fashion pieces inspired by the Psyche mission. Alyssa also painted “Inspire the Next Generation” representing this project’s theme to raise excitement about space exploration.


My pieces were created to inspire more people to get involved in space exploration. I made a Psyche doll based on Psyche’s design in “Soul of Psyche” for children to play with. I hope little girls with big dreams that play with the Psyche doll will be inspired to achieve those dreams in the future. I also created a pink crochet tank top that matches the doll’s dress. A simplified version of the spacecraft design is stitched on the front with sparkly light pink yarn. To complete the look, I made pink ruffled armbands that match the doll’s design. Pink is the main color of my pieces because the Psyche logo is the first NASA logo with the color pink. In addition to my crochet pieces, I digitally painted “Inspire the Next Generation”. This piece features a little girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut. She holds the Psyche doll as she imagines the vastness and beauty of space in her room. Within the painting you can see toys, drawings, and books about space showing her passion for it. This painting represents the importance of allowing children to run free with their imagination because it might be the dream of a child today, but it could be the greatest discovery of tomorrow. ”

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