Lazy Psyche

Hope Elliott

March 31st, 2023

Major: Aerospace Engineering (Astronautics)

Genre/Medium: Woodworking and acrylic paints

About the work: For Lazy Psyche, I constructed a wooden table, modified and painted a tabletop, and installed it using a Lazy Susan. When creating this piece, I wanted to make exploring 16 Psyche feel accessible and right at your fingertips. As the tabletop spins, new angles and perspectives of Psyche are brought to life and the imagination is left to run wild. I truly love this piece, because it continues to incorporate the Psyche mission into everyday life. You could have a meal, cup of coffee, draw a picture, catch up with friends, all done on Psyche. We are far from actually doing these things, but the Lazy Psyche makes it feel close. The tabletop was sanded down around the edges to transform the plain circle into an asteroidal shape. It was continued with acrylic paints to show the texture, craters, and material features; Metallic paint was included to account for the metallic properties known to Psyche. A clear coat of gloss allowed the tabletop to be fully protected and ready for use. The table base was also built and finished by hand with a dark wood stain to compliment the gray of the asteroid.

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Date Added: 03-31-2023
Credit: Hope Elliott

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