Rollie Rolerson

Genre/Medium: Digital Artwork

I’ve had a love for exploratory space robots for a while, and I like to express it via making personifications and giving said space probe their own personality, interests and hobbies. I decided to make reference art for my personification of the Psyche spacecraft as a tribute to the mission, as it means a lot to me, and I’d love to get involved!
I see Psyche as an adventurous spacecraft who’s all in for new experiences and likes to lead for others. She’s quite the music fan too! Along with a strong dedication to her mission, she’s willing to cooperate and wants to be a good example for others. I also perceive Psyche to be good friends with other fellow missions to small rocky bodies like asteroids and comets.

This artwork was made on primarily Krita, with the use of Inkscape for some of the vector graphics used in the artwork.

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Date Added: 01-05-2023
Credit: Rollie Rolerson