Rashi Kaushik

Genre/Medium: Abstract/ Acrylic

This work is executed with the use of neon acrylic colours and distilled water as the blending medium. This artwork is related to the mission in the sense that it is a colourful combination of Space science plus craft. Since crafting is a mental ability as it requires an exquisite use of colours inspired by one’s imagination. It relates to space science and the concerned mission in the context that it is an artistic tribute to our hon’ble scientists and Astronauts who are working day & night for the welfare of mankind. This work not only signifies the meaning of the term ‘Psyche’ which is used for human mind or spirit, but also the mankind’s new journey to understand the earth’s core through the metallic asteroid psyche. Also, the Astronaut illustrated is a symbol of the mankind’s gigantic of unearthing new horizons in the Universe and beyond.

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Date Added: 07-29-2020