Becky Owens –on behalf of Mirabella ASU

Genre/Medium: Photograph - Fashion - Psyche Mission Colors

Getting psyched for Psyche. This is a Psyche Mission pre-launch photograph of Mirabella ASU residents (a senior living community on the Arizona State University Tempe campus), plus two ASU Enterprise Partners staff, who are wearing the NASA Psyche Mission colors. This is our communal creative expression. This photograph is taken on the 14th Floor garden deck of the Mirabella ASU building over-looking the ASU’s Tempe campus. The photograph was taken by Samantha Chow, an ASU staff photographer, on October 12, 2023. Psyche Mission launched the subsequent date on October 13th.

Here’s the people who participated in the group picture: (back row) Sigourney Schauffer, Bonnie Wright, Sheila Zeiglowsky, Martin Farkas, Julie Bonkowski, Diana Krohn, Nan Jeannero, Becky Owens, Rosann Fox, Lew Fox, (front row) Barbara Russell, Mary Warren, and Monique Mendel

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Date Added: 10-30-2023