Student Collaborations Participants: Cobalt Class (2019-2020)

Psyche Student Collaborations opportunities in 2019-20 (Cobalt Class) included Arizona State University (ASU), California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), Cleveland State University (CSU), Florida State University (FSU), Michigan State University (MSU), Northern Arizona University (NAU), Penn State University and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Participants are listed below. (Lists of previous participants are available here.)

Capstone Projects

3D asteroid viewer- CSU Team
Cleveland State University

Gagan Dahal (Computer Science), Roman Kadoutchek (Computer Science), Cassidy Reaser (Computer Engineering), Nate Ullman (Computer Science)

3D asteroid viewer- Tempe Team
Arizona State University

Robert Chapell (Computer Science [Cybersecurity]),Seve Esposito (Computer Science), Nathaniel Ferre (Computer Science), Armir Lako (Computer Science), Raul Meraz Jr. (Industrial Engineering), Arun Mohan (Computer Science [Cybersecurity]), Stefan Popovic (Computer Science), Victor Rosales (Human Systems Engineering)

3D asteroid viewer- Polytechnic Team
Arizona State University

Trevor Davis (Software Engineering), Kyle Jeffreys (Software Engineering), Corey Lopez (Software Engineering), Christopher Mowry (Software Engineering), Robert Randels (Software Engineering)

Arizona State University

Chad Allen (Computer Science), Adam Elder (Computer Science), Van Nguyen (Computer Science), Aashiq Shaikh (Computer Science), Teja Vemulapalli (Computer Science)

Capstone ADministration analysis
Arizona State University

Mohammed Almutairi (Industrial Engineering), Nasser Almutairi (Industrial Engineering), Sadan Alsajari (Industrial Engineering), Evan Jones (Engineering Management)

Cracking the code: Demonstrating the Debugging mentality 
Arizona State University

Hussein Amr (Informatics), Raquel Fierros (Computer Science), Colter Hanson (Computer Science), Justin Hartfield (Computer Science [Software Engineering]), Chase Overcash (Computer Science [Software Engineering]), Harsh Shah (Computer Science)

Arizona State University
Fall 2019

James Cebry (Chemical Engineering), Amanda Minutello (Civil Engineering), Aleily Partida (Mechanical Engineering)

Spring 2020

Haylee Crogan (Aerospace Engineering), Dhrasti Dalal (Biomedical Engineering), Grace Edahl (Aerospace Engineering), Isaiah Elder (Computer Science), Gabby Fernandez (Electrical Engineering), Sahil Gupta (Information Technology) Connor Hack (Electrical Engineering), Catherine Johnston (Aerospace Engineering), Matt McCarville (Mechanical Engineering), Amanda Minutello (Civil Engineering), Thinh Nguyen (Chemical Engineering), Aleily Partida (Mechanical Engineering), Dallin Porter (Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics)

future SPACECRAFT materials
Arizona State University

Priscilla Agyemang (Materials Science and Engineering), Adam Brackney (Materials Science and Engineering), Vincent Despain (Materials Science and Engineering), Marissa Jimenez (Materials Science and Engineering), Anthony Neitzke (Materials Science and Engineering)

Arizona State University

Derek Christenson (Computer Science), John Dunsmore (Engineering Management), Paul Fraser (Computer Science), Justin Jones (Computer Science [Software Engineering]), Nicholas Maheshwari (Computer Science (Software Engineering)), Rhiannon Salceda (Computer Science), Allen Soocey (Computer Science), Braydon Spangler (Computer Science [Software Engineering])

Arizona State University

Vaughn Akiu (Software Engineering), Robert King (Software Engineering), Jason Shawcross (Software Engineering), Elisha Steiner (Software Engineering), Jacob Wallert (Software Engineering)

Arizona State University

Matthew Bennett (Information Technology), Thomas Casey (Information Technology), Hudson Wisler (Information Technology)

HALL THRUSTER DATABASE – penn state (Behrend) TEAM
Penn state university

Perry Chambers Jr. (Software Engineering), Bansari Patel (Software Engineering), Richard Sevic (Computer Science)

HALL THRUSTER visualization & animation – tempe team
arizona state university

Matt Bradford (Computer Systems Engineering), Nicholas Breuer (Computer Systems Engineering), William Kostecki (Computer Systems Engineering), Sina Malek (Computer Systems Engineering), Matthew McKinstry (Engineering Management), Samuel Zirbel (Computer Systems Engineering)

HALL THRUSTER visualization & animation – polytechnic team
arizona state university

Bryan Culver (Software Engineering), Kyle Johnson (Software Engineering), Julio Jovel (Software Engineering), Ira Sigman (Software Engineering), Cameron Troy (Software Engineering)

HALL THRUSTER visualization & animation – penn state (behrend) team
penn state university

Shrey Kumar Arora (Software Engineering), Morgan Atterholt (Software Engineering), Donald Birx (Computer Science)

interdisciplinary marketplace
Arizona State University

Sergio Rodriguez (Computer Science Engineering), Jacob Babik (Computer Science Engineering), Chris Carbajal (Computer Science Engineering), Kevin Shannon (Computer Science Engineering), Aaron Sycamore (Computer Science Engineering)

iron Meteorite imaging system – tempe team
Arizona State University

Tyler Aanenson (Computer Systems Engineering), Alex Bertram (Electrical Engineering), Josue Mull (Mechanical Engineering), Andrew Murza (Computer Systems Engineering), Andrew Pyykkonen (Engineering Management), Brendan Scobie (Electrical Engineering), Mahinalani Wing (Mechanical Engineering), Alex Zumbuhl (Mechanical Engineering)

Northern Arizona University

Tabatha Trigler (Astronomy [Physics and Geology minor])

iron Meteorite imaging system – CSULA team
california State University, Los Angeles 

Benjamin Campos (Electrical Engineering), Angel Gonzales (Mechanical Engineering), Raymond Lu (Mechanical Engineering), Vincent Rich (Electrical Engineering)

Machine learning analysis of hall thruster facility effects data – Team Ion
Arizona State University

Anthony Benites (Computer Science [Cybersecurity]), Seth Brunwasser (Computer Science), Artem Kerutis (Computer Science), John Macken (Computer Science)

Machine learning analysis of hall thruster facility effects data – Team xenon
Arizona State University

David Gibb (Engineering Management), Trent Hall (Computer Science [Cybersecurity]), Luis Montano (Computer Science), Kevin Patterson (Computer Science), Jude Abishek (Computer Science), Garrett Tang (Computer Science)

Machine learning analysis of hall thruster facility effects data – penn state (behrend) team
penn State University

Alec William Dady (Computer Science), Daniel Carter Donley (Software Engineering), James Patrick Fennelly Jr. (Software Engineering)

Meteorite database
Arizona State University

Cody Brobston (Software Engineering), Jeffery Fallis (Software Engineering), Mohamed Idris (Software Engineering), Charles Qian (Software Engineering), Jonathan Rasmussen (Software Engineering)

Meteorite Image analysis system – tempe Team
arizona State university

Jacob Peters (Computer Science), John Shaeffer (Computer Science), Michael St.Onge (Computer Science), Kohl Stark (Computer Science [Cybersecurity]), Ginnette Vasiliu (Engineering Management)

Meteorite Image analysis system – VCU Team
Virginia Commonwealth University

George Constantine (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Charles Dietzel (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Ismilsys Priede Armesto (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Mission visualization
michigan State University

Melissa Finneran (Applied Engineering Sciences with Concentration in Technical Sales), Richie Gentile (Applied Engineering Sciences), Tyler Nette (Applied Engineering Sciences), Jon Urich (Applied Engineering Sciences), Noah Van Reesema (Applied Engineering Sciences)

Mobile app – team iron
Arizona State University

Elizabeth Arena (Engineering Management), Lorenzo Faivre (Computer Science [Software Engineering]), Ashley Goernitz (Computer Science), Brandi Liu (Computer Science), Gabriela Villate (Computer Science), Lauren Gonzales (Graphic Design)

Mobile app – team nickel
Arizona State University

Magali Charalambous (Engineering Management), Lauren Gonzales (Graphic Design), Fernan Gonzales Ayala (Computer Science), Joshua McHenry (Computer Science [Software Engineering]), Patrick Valgento (Computer Science), Jonathan Wedwick (Computer Science & Film [Film and Media Production])

predicting solar wind conditions with machine learning – team helios
Arizona State University

Joshua Broas (Computer Science & Finance), Ian Carver (Computer Science), Jamshid Niroomand (Computer Science), Igor Ristanovic (Computer Science [Cybersecurity])

predicting solar wind conditions with machine learning – team plasma
Arizona State University

Zachary Azares (Computer Science), Alexander Buchheit (Engineering Management), Alan Gong (Computer Science & Business Entrepreneurship), Shreya Madaan (Computer Science), Wilson Xing (Computer Science)

Psyche inspired administration
michigan State University

Fadzai Joy Mazhangara (Applied Engineering Sciences), Julia Gabrysh (Applied Engineering Sciences), Kelly Littmann (Applied Engineering Sciences), Jackson Reetz (Applied Engineering Sciences), Miya VanTol (Applied Engineering Sciences)

psyche publication repository and archive database
Arizona State University

Thomas Nhan (Information Technology), Marcus Williams (Information Technology)

Psyche Video
Arizona State University

Maritza Hernandez Barragan (Graphic Information Technology)

Remote exhibit interpretive system
Arizona State University

Rashed Almulla (Electrical Engineering), Salman Amiri (Computer Science & Electrical Engineering), Ricardo Campa (Computer Systems Engineering), Thomas Duke (Computer Systems Engineering), Carson Minarik (Computer Systems Engineering), Abigail Peters (Engineering Management), William Rizzo (Computer Science & Electrical Engineering)

Rendering high-resolution space data
Arizona State University

Christian Herrera (Computer Science), Ryan Howe (Computer Science & Electrical Engineering)), Brent Ottley (Computer Science [Software Engineering]), Stefan Savic (Computer Science [Software Engineering]), Jeremy Seay (Computer Science)

robotic explorer for hypothesized surfaces – polytechnic team
arizona State University

Katherine Eldemire (Engineering [Robotics]), Thomas Filesi (Engineering), Thavit Kuman (Engineering [Robotics]), Trey Pubins (Engineering [Robotics])

robotic explorer for hypothesized surfaces – csu team
cleveland State University

Mark Ade (Mechanical Engineering), Nikola Blagojevic (Mechanical Engineering), Leah Bunnell (Mechanical Engineering & Physics), Rowan Myatt (Mechanical Engineering)

robotic explorer for hypothesized surfaces – FSU team
florida a&m University & florida State University

Devon Foster (Mechanical Engineering), Justin Larson (Mechanical Engineering), Alexander J. Legere (Electrical Engineering), Chris Lopes (Electrical Engineering), Sadzid Pajevic (Mechanical Engineering)

Arizona State University

Sharice Lewis (Engineering Management)

robotic explorer for hypothesized surfaces – NAU team
Northern arizona University

Badir Alrefi (Mechanical Engineering), Mackenzie Chasse (Mechanical Engineering [Business Minor]), Jeremiah Curnalia (Mechanical Engineering), Jacob Morrissey (Mechanical Engineering), Dylan Randall (Mechanical Engineering)

Arizona State University

Fredrick Roberts (Engineering Management)

Sampling system for hypothesized surfaces – sese team
arizona state University

John Chambers (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics] & Earth and Space Exploration [Astrobiology and Biogeosciences]), Mason Hoey (Earth and Space Exploration [Explorations Systems Design]), Jacob Kramer (Earth and Space Exploration [Astrobiology and Biogeosciences]), Eric Laughlin (Earth and Space Exploration [Astrobiology and Biogeosciences]), Johnathan Mcdougal (Earth and Space Exploration [Explorations Systems Design]), Ciara Sypherd (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics] & Earth and Space Exploration [Astrobiology and Biogeosciences]), Kaitlin Webber (Earth and Space Exploration [Astrophysics])

Sampling system for hypothesized surfaces – polytechnic team
arizona state University

Christopher Balland (Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Systems)), Jordan Fleming (Engineering), Findley Jackson (Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Systems)), Robert Williams (Robotics Engineering (Electrical))

Sampling system for hypothesized surfaces – Nau team
Northern arizona University

Andrew Acosta (Mechanical Engineering), Sultan Almarzouqi (Mechanical Engineering), Sam Armstrong (Mechanical Engineering), Karissa Barroso (Mechanical Engineering), Scott Sprauer (Mechanical Engineering)

senior design scalability 
michigan State University

William Richmond (Applied Engineering Sciences with Supply Chain Concentre), Joey Money (Applied Engineering Sciences with Supply Chain Concentre), Gabe Zeidner (Applied Engineering Sciences with Supply Chain Concentre), Micala Tafelski (Applied Engineering Sciences with Supply Chain Concentre)

spacecraft vr
Arizona State University

Edgar Chaidez (Computer Science), Triston Cradic (Engineering Management), Eric Szmutko (Computer Science [Software Engineering]), Vincent Vu (Computer Science), Evan Weiss (Computer Science & Neuroscience), Dominic Zygaldo (Computer Science & Statistics)

space mission design – Team anima
Arizona State University

Avi Brahmbhatt (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics] & Physics), Carlos Fajardo Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics]), Miguel Lugo Gomez (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics]), Teresa McBryan (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics]), Nicholas Naber (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics])

space mission design – Team eros
arizona State University

Juan Aureoles (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics]), Adrianna Conway (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics]), Garrett Driscoll (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics]), Yoslin Herrera (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics]), Ciara Sypherd (Aerospace Engineering [Astronautics] & Earth and Space Exploration [Astrobiology and Biogeosciences])

space object vr – CSU team
cleveland State University

Andrew Urioste (Computer Science), Yiyuan Zhao (Computer Science & Health Sciences), Parbat Adhikari (Computer Science), Alexander Darling (Computer Science)

space object vr – team phobos
arizona State University

Adam Spano (Engineering Management), Chankanika Soam (Informatics), Erica Phomsavanh (Computer Science), Urgi Measo (Computer Science), Kidane Mussie (Computer Science), Raed Alghamdi (Computer Systems)

space object vr – polytechnic team
arizona State University

Nathanial Bergan (Software Engineering), Julie Hudson (Bocanegra) (Software Engineering), Eric Saugstad (Software Engineering), Ryan Schumacher (Software Engineering), Dakota Stennerson (Software Engineering)


Brian Nelson (ASU School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering), Caralie Cedarleaf (ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration), Carol Tolbert (NASA Glenn Research Center), Daniel Wenkert (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Devin Schrader (ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration), Emma Bradford (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Ernest Cisneros (ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration), Jason Frieman (NASA Glenn Research Center), Jon Hill (ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration), Jose Luis Perez (CSULA), Keith Hjelmstad (School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment), Laurence Garvie (ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration), Mansour Javidan (ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management), Ofelia Quintero (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Ric Alling (ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration), Robert LiKamWa (ASU Electrical Engineering and Arts, Media, and Engineering), Rona Oran (MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences), Sarah Oman (NAU), Tim McCoy (Smithsonian Curator of Meteorites), Victor Surovec (ASU MKRspace), Conor Yates


Jim Adams (School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, ASU), Michael Adams (Engineering Technology, CSU), Charles Boehmer (School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, ASU), Helen Chavez (School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, ASU), Nancy Cooke (School of Human Systems Engineering, ASU), Damien Doheny (Polytechnic School of Information Technology Programs, ASU), Chris Groppi (School Of Earth and Space Exploration, ASU), Jerris Hooker (Electrical & Computer Engineering, FAMU-FSU), Joe Juarez (School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, ASU), Michael Kozicki (School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, ASU), Dean Lewis (Mechanical Engineering, Penn State Behrend), Shayne McConomy (Mechanical Engineering, FAMU-FSU), Ryan Meuth (School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, ASU), Darryl Morrell (Polytechnic School of Engineering Programs, ASU), Ted Nye (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, CSULA), Sarah Oman (Mechanical Engineering, NAU), Doug Sandy (Engineering Academic & Student Affairs, ASU), Al Sanft (Visual Communication Design, ASU), Jared Schoepf (Engineering Projects and Community Service (EPICS), ASU), Abdel Shuaib (School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, ASU), Mike Thorburn (Capstone Senior Design, CSULA), Gregory Triplett (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, VCU), Wen-Li Wang (Computer Science and Software Engineering, Penn State Behrend), Bennett Ward (Project Outreach, VCU), Ming Zhao (School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, ASU), Wenbing Zhao (Electrical and Computer Engineering, CSU)

Student Manager

Adriana Talamante (Engineering Management)

Doctoral students

Hannah Bercovici (Geological Sciences), Kevin Hubbard (Geological Sciences), John Morgan Christoph (Exploration Systems Design), Lena Heffern (Exploration Systems Design), Steven Dibb (Exploration Systems Design [Systems Engineering])

Psyche Inspired


Julia Greteman (Materials Science and Engineering), Shannon Hack (Art Studies), Noah Keime (Biology & Studio Art), Monica Moreno (Jewelry & Metalworking), Bihn-An Nguyen (Chemistry [Art minor]), Levi Keatts (Art Foundation), Janani Lakshmanan (Mathematics [Astronomy minor]), Chase Mortensen (Computer Science), Fiona Schneider (Graphic Design), William Strunk (Civil Engineering), Sarah Tennant (Illustration & Creative Writing), Joyce Tsui (Art [Painting Emphasis]), Silvia Valladares (Kinetic Imaging), Ral Vandenhoudt (Biology & Economics), Finn Witt (Biochemistry and Mechanical Engineering), Christine Zhou (Mechanical Engineering & Visual Art)

Student Manager

Fall 2019: Brooke Owen (Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior)

Spring 2020: Kaxandra Nessi (Medical Microbiology)

School of Earth and Space Exploration Docent Program


Pauline Camacho (Music Percussion Performance & Sustainability), Stone Woodham (Astrobio & Communications/Religious Studies Minor), Justin Baez (Geology & Microbiology), Crystal Kubby (Astrophysics & Biophysics), Alex Blanche (Astrophysics & Mathematics), Megan McGroarty (Astrobiology & German), Sphurti Kachare (Mechanical Engineering), Nikita Joshi (Robotics (Autonomic Systems)), Nicholas Schei (Construction Management)


Robert Alling (School of Earth and Space Exploration), Meg Hufford (School of Earth and Space Exploration)

Student Collaborations


Alexandra Cook (Sports Journalism), Jamie Hunziker (Communications), Jessica Maschino (Aerospace Engineering), Kaxandra Nessi (Microbiology [Medical Microbiology]), Brooke Owen (Biological sciences [Neurobiology,Physiology, and Behavior]),Madhukar Raj (Software Engineering), Adriana Talamante (Engineering Management)