Psyche Inspired: Siena Smania

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Astrobiology

Psyche Inspired Class: 2020-2021

This is a hanging mobile made from wire, with clay pieces of Psyche and the satellite hanging by chains. They are painted in a shiny metallic paint that shimmers in the sun and are hanging with two sun catcher crystals.

Orbiting Dreams

Siena Smania

December 29, 2020

Major: Astrobiology

Genre/Medium: clay and wire

About the work: A child’s mobile is the one thing they look to when falling off to sleep. It sparks creativity and imagination. Science needs that kind of creativity. Without creativity, we would get nowhere. As long as we have imagination, almost anything is possible. That’s what inspired me to create this. I tried to use as much metal as possible, using wires to represent the metallic elements of the Psyche asteroid. The spacecraft and Psyche asteroid figure are made from clay and some metal pieces I already had in my craft bin. Even though the idea started as a child’s mobile, it makes a very pretty hanging piece for any room. The two crystals hanging with them are sun catchers, so when in direct sunlight, they shimmer and reflect light all around the room in beautiful rainbow arrays.

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The psyche goddess is shown encompassing the asteroid with the spacecraft orbiting around her in a field of stars.

In Her Orbit

Siena Smania

November 13, 2020

Major: Astrobiology

Genre/Medium: Adobe Photoshop

About the work: For this project, I used Photoshop to transform a picture I took in a self-photoshoot into a representation of the Psyche goddess. I imagined the goddess of the soul protecting the metallic world as we send a spacecraft to learn more about it. We are in her orbit because she is the one who protects this little metallic world.

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Psyche Inspired

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