Psyche Inspired: Kari Sanford

This is a portrait of Psyche Inspired member Kari Sanford

Kari Sanford (Photo Credit: Abigail Weibel)

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Engineering Management

Psyche Inspired Class: 2017-2018

This image shows the series of limericks in alternating colors from the Psyche mission color palette along with the Psyche logo.

Psyche Limericks

Kari Sanford

May 14, 2018

Major: engineering management

Genre/Medium: limericks

About the work: I wrote a series of limericks. Each poem’s first letter spells out “Psyche.” The limericks alternate in perspective of the asteroid and spacecraft as they chat with each other. Since limericks are short, quirky, and silly in nature, I tried to give each of the Psyche’s that personality through poetic dialogue.

Download the limericks as a PDF

This image shows the artist's rendition of the Psyche asteroid covered with words about the mission (such as "creativity" and "mystique").

Psyche Word Cloud

Kari Sanford

March 28, 2018

Major: engineering management

Genre/Medium: word cloud

About the work: I wanted to tell the stories of the minds and hearts behind the Psyche Mission. With the team’s help, I approached scientists, engineers, journalists, and students associated with this mission and solicited their feedback. All of the words/phrases in this word cloud are their own. The most frequent, and inspiring, feedback that I saw was, ‘More than me,’ or ‘Bigger than me.’ This mission has helped people look beyond their own skillset and find ways to help others grow. Psyche has created a community through engagement: we are all connected through our pursuit of knowledge in deep space.

Special thanks to the contributors: Rona Oran | Steven Dibb | William Bottke | Tess Calvert | Dave Williams | Lindy Elkins-Tanton | Tim McCoy | Hannah L Bercovici | Brooke Owen | Mark Wieczorek | Sofia Garcia | Abigail Weibel | Karin Valentine | Erick Ramirez Cordero | Makenzie Kundrat | John Christoph | Stone Woodham | Brendan Scobie | Rachael Tjahjo | Isaac Wisdom

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This image shows a sheet of paper with the Psyche logo and the ASU Open Door logo on it, along with a handwritten poem.

Psyche Poems

Kari Sanford

March 6, 2018

Major: engineering management

Genre/Medium: poetry

About the work: For the ASU Open Door public event on February 24, I wrote approximately 30 personalized poems, with space words chosen by the participants. These half-sheets also have a link to the Psyche website, coupled with coloring images of the Psyche Logo and an artist’s rendition of the asteroid. My favorite poem I wrote that day was:

Staring up high, guided by an azimuth,
I spy a star hidden in a labyrinth.

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This is a screenshot of the blog post showing the title and the opening text.

Kari’s Psyche-dellic Experiences

Kari Sanford

February 13, 2018

Major: engineering management

Genre/Medium: blog

About the work: My first exploration of an “all-metal” world was in seventh grade. It started with Iced Earth and Testament, but I quickly found a favorite with Metallica’s “Wherever I May Roam.” Little did I know, I’d be contributing in two different ways to a “heavy metal” NASA mission that would send a probe roaming through space.

Read the blog.

This image shows a young child intently coloring in the Psyche badge.

Psyche For Kids

Kari Sanford

December 4, 2017

Major: engineering management

Genre/Medium: lyrics and graphic design

About the work: These two works are designed to engage younger students in the mission. The song, called “Beep, Boop, Beep, Boop Asteroid,” about finding Psyche, is set to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Download the lyrics
Listen to a recording

The coloring sheet is an outline of the ASU Psyche badge.

Download the coloring sheet.

This series of four images shows the making of the papier mache model of the Psyche asteroid, from generic, lumpy shape to finished, detailed asteroid model.

Papier Mache Psyche

Chris Vasquez and Kari Sanford

October 30, 2017

Major: drawing (Chris); engineering management (Kari)

Genre/Medium: wire, foam, paper

About the work: For this project we made a replica of the Psyche asteroid roughly the size of a laundry basket. We used a papier-mâché technique in order to achieve this goal, using wire, foam, and paper. This provides a tangible way for people to “interact” with the asteroid.

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