Psyche Inspired: Maia Huddleston

Institution: Illinois State University

Major: Mass Media

Psyche Inspired Class: 2021-2022

Reflections on Psyche Inspired

Reflections on Project 1: Psyche Spacecraft Reveal

Psyche Spacecraft Reveal

Maia Huddleston

November 1, 2021

Major: Mass Media

Genre/Medium: Digital illustration, Pixel sort, and Animation

About the work: This piece began as a digital rendering of the Psyche spacecraft. It soon evolved into a digital illustration with a galaxy-inspired background. I wanted the piece to feel interactive, so I applied a random algorithmic pixel sort to the background. This created the waterfall effect around the spacecraft. To finish off the project, I animated the piece to unveil itself from an initial blurred assortment of large pixels.

Reflections on Project 2: Psyche Impasto

Psyche Impasto

Maia Huddleston

January 10, 2022

Major: Mass Media

Genre/Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

About the work: This piece is my first ever physical painting. Previously, my work was solely digital. Psyche truly INSPIRED me to try a new art medium, even though I had no experience or training in it. I used acrylic paints of various thicknesses and sponges to create a textured effect on the circular canvas.

Reflections on Project 3: Psyche Orbit Timeline

Showcase of Psyche Orbit Timeline by Maia Huddleston

Psyche Orbit Timeline

Maia Huddleston

March 16, 2022

Major: Mass Media

Genre/Medium: Graphic/Product Design

About the work: This piece originated as a series of pie charts representing the orbit lengths of the Psyche mission. Each circle represents one month on Earth. After I started designing, I noticed that the layout of the circles looked like a makeup palette. I chose to run with this idea and make the data visualization graphic a little more fun. The information represented in this graphic was extracted from the Psyche Science Operations Concept: Maximize Reuse to Minimize Risk paper presented at the 2018 SpaceOps Conference.

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Reflections on Project 4: Psyche Credits

Psyche Credits

Maia Huddleston

May 11, 2022

Major: Mass Media

Genre/Medium: Animated Sequence

About the work: This video shows each team and its members working on the Psyche mission. As someone brand new to animation, this took me over 30 hours to complete. Check out the current team list here!

Psyche Inspired

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