Student Collaborations Participants: Copper Class (2021-2022)

Psyche Student Collaborations opportunities in 2021-22 (Copper Class) included participants from colleges and universities around the country. Participants are listed below. (Lists of previous participants are available here.)

Capstone Projects

3D asteroid viewer- ASU Team
Arizona State University

Chris Kraus (Software Engineering), Roger Felton (Software Engineering), Dan Kelley (Software Engineer), David Leanos (Software Engineering)

Archiving Process Improvement
Arizona State University

Richard R Henderson (Engineering Management), Luis E. Chavez Lopez (Engineering Management), William Lamson Jr (Engineering Management), Eric Russell (Engineering Management)

Future Space Mission Design
Cleveland State University

Austin R Corlett (Electrical Engineering), Joseph Sippola (Mechanical Engineering), Jonathan M Celestina (Mechanical Engineering), Jordan T. Klag (Mechanical Engineering), Trevor Gallagher Edwards (Electrical Engineering), Kyle Wiesmore (Mechanical Engineering)

Hall Thruster Diagnostics Visualization – ASU
Arizona State University

Peter Bugala (Computer Science), Jacob Burton (Computer Science), Anderson Sanchez Montoya (Computer Science), Albert Schaffer (Computer Science), Tyler Vaillancourt (Computer Science), Alexander Darrah (Engineering Management)

Hall Thruster Diagnostics Visualization – PSU
Pennsylvania State University – Behrend

Hunter Hoffman (Computer Science), Nicholas Kazousky (Software Engineering), Ryan Maccagnan (Software Engineering), Parker Curtis (Computer Science)

Hall Thruster Diagnostics Visualization – Poly
Arizona State University

Ryan Chacon (Software Engineering), Andy Nelson (Software Engineering), Adrian Tesoro (Software Engineering), Seth Urish (Software Engineering)

Hollow Cathode Visualization – ASU
Arizona State University

Jacob J. Lyons (Informatics with a Focus Area in Digital Culture), Travis Andring (Computer Science), Jacob Blackstone (Computer Science), Patrick Chu (Computer Science), Caleb Jaramillo (Computer Science), Andrew Lies (Engineering Management (Electronics & Semiconductors))

Hollow Cathode Visualization – Penn State – Behrend
Pennsylvania State University – Behrend

Jake Smith (Computer Science), Huy Tuan Tran (Software Engineering), Sarah Lengel (Computer Science), Matthew Brazel (Computer Science), Jack Blicha (Computer Science)

Hollow Cathode Visualization – CSU
Cleveland State University

Jeff Lyon (Computer Science Engineering), John Sorma (Computer Science), Dominic Baker (Computer Science), Marquise Donyell Isreal Trawick (Computer Science)

Hypothesized Surface: Landing System – FSU
Florida State University

Saralyn Jenkins (Mechanical Engineering), Elzbieta Krekora (Mechanical Engineering), Andrew Sak (Mechanical Engineering), Julio Velasquez (Mechanical Engineering)

Arizona State University

Danielle Shondelmyer (Engineering Management)

Hypothesized Surface: Landing System – MTU
Michigan Tech University

Cameron Curtis (Mechanical Engineering), Austin Nardi (Mechanical Engineering), Tyler Harris (Mechanical Engineering), Dutch Schaefer (Mechanical Engineering), Christopher Briar (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Landing System – MSU
Michigan State University

Ameya Bokil (Mechanical Engineering), Cayla Coury (Mechanical Engineering), Ryan Langan (Mechanical Engineering), Kelsey Karasek (Mechanical Engineering), Andrew DeBaker (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Landing System – UT-Tyler
University of Texas – Tyler

Ashley Dixon (Mechanical Engineering), Emila Nikole Lopez (Mechanical Engineering), Tien Quoc Ngo (Mechanical Engineering), Edwin Saldivar (Mechanical Engineering), Branson Colt Spinks (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Power Solutions – ASU-A
Arizona State University

Jonathan Tracey Hawkins (Electrical Engineering), Robert Smith (Electrical Engineering), Shaun Caldwell (Electrical Engineering), Victor Escarate-Cruz (Electrical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Power Solutions – ASU-B
Arizona State University

Anthony White (Electrical Engineering), Michael Tippie (Electrical Engineering), Michael E Anderson (Electrical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Power Solutions – ASU-C
Arizona State University

Min-Liang Tsai (Electrical Engineering), Yexin Chen (Electrical Engineering), Tanner Radloff (Electrical Engineering), Tim Lao (Electrical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Power Solutions – ASU-D
Arizona State University

Christopher Shelton (Electrical Engineering), Melissa Baab (Electrical Engineering), Josh Baggett (Electrical Engineering), Mitchel Brady (Electrical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Returning Samples – UT-Tyler
University of Texas – Tyler

Abel Noel Molano Jr. (Mechanical Engineering), Anthony Nader (Mechanical Engineering), Chidera Okonkwo (Mechanical Engineering), Michael Peterson (Mechanical Engineering), Jing Yang (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Returning Samples – PSU
Pennsylvania State University – Behrend

Thomas Zbezinski (Mechanical Engineering), Easton Hooks (Mechanical Engineering), Colton M. Hervatin (Mechanical Engineering), Jacob Sampsell (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Returning Samples – MSU
Michigan State University

Brad McMahon (Mechanical Engineering), Friedrich Karl Hittner (Mechanical Engineering), Sebastian Bosoc (Mechanical Engineering Minor: Entrepreneurship), Matt Schram (Mechanical Engineering), Garrett Novak (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Returning Samples – MTU
Michigan Technological University

Andrew Ervin (Mechanical Engineering), Erin Goff (Mechanical Engineering), Jared Jarvis (Mechanical Engineering), Erik Pitcher (Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics), Valerin Hernandez Mendoza (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Robotic Explorer – RIT
Rochester Institute of technology

TJ Oricchio (Mechanical Engineering), Vivian Lam (Electrical Engineering), Gabrielle Eisenberg (Mechanical Engineering), Riley Wood (Electrical Engineering), Nathaniel Fritz (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Robotic Explorer – MTU
Michigan Tech University

Matthew Brink (Mechanical Engineering), Tyler Fogg (Mechanical Engineering), Mitchell Meyer (Mechanical Engineering), Sophie Miller (Mechanical Engineering), Mitchell Welter (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Robotic Explorer – Ut-Tyler
University of Texas – Tyler

Fatima-Antonia Delgado (Mechanical Engineering), Luis Hernandez Reyes (Mechanical Engineering), Philip Lee (Mechanical Engineering), Hoang Quach (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Robotic Explorer – UIC-A
University of illinois – chicago

Brevon Baker (Computer Engineering/Physics), Glenn Dusing (Engineering Physics), Jesus Ortiz (Electrical Engineering), Omar Shahid (Electrical Engineering), Joseph Walsh (Mechanical Engineering), Ethan Timm (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Robotic Explorer – UIC-B
University of illinois – chicago

Dillon Aguilar (Computer Engineering), Tanishq Mathur (Electrical Engineering), Samprithi Vilvasigamani (Electrical Engineering), Matthew Kramer (Mechanical Engineering), Daniel Spathies (Mechanical Engineering), Connor Creed (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Sampling System – RIT
rochester Institute of technology

Jeffrey Walter (Mechanical Engineering), Anita Yakobchuk (Computer Engineering), Kwitonda Olivier Nshimiye (Mechanical Engineering), Bill Kern (Mechanical Engineering), Paul Saber (Mechanical Engineer)

Hypothesized Surface: Sampling System – MTU
Michigan Tech University

Turner Lechner (Mechanical Engineering), Cody Blauwkamp (Mechanical Engineering), James Daanen (Mechanical Engineering), Evan Vandermate (Mechanical Engineering), Zack Werth (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Sampling System – UT-Tyler
University of Texas – Tyler

Hamed Amiri (Mechanical Engineering), Alejandro Leal (Mechanical engineering), Laura Lozano (Mechanical Engineering), Richard Moren (Mechanical Engineering)

Hypothesized Surface: Sampling System – asu
Arizona state University

Jonathon Gary Badzioch (Astrophysics), Irem Dilek (Astrophysics), Seth Grieser (Exploration System Design BS + Mechanical Engineering BSE), Elvis Leon (Space Exploration Systems Design), Cameron Robert Liggitt (Astrophysics), Wyatt Sands (Astrophysics), Alejandro Valencia (Earth & Space Exploration (Astrobiology and Biogeosciences))

Hypothesized Surface: Sampling System – asu Poly
Arizona state University – Poly

John Lewis (Robotics Engineering), Bradley Gannon (Engineering Electrical Systems), Kye Arias (Robotic Engineering), Isaac R. Enriquez (Mechanical Engineering Systems)

Hypothesized Surface: Sampling System – uic
University of Illinois – Chicago

Lina Baolati (Computer Engineering), Pranit Cheikycharla (Computer Engineering), Zekai Li (ECE), Miguel Pineda (Electrical Engineering), Zhenming Sun (Electrical engineering), Dat Nguyen (Electrical Engineering)

Iron Meteorite Imaging System – Lighting
University of California – Los Angeles

David A. Strickland (Mechanical Engineering), Reny Takeda (Mechanical Engineering), Damian Herrera (Mechanical Engineering), David Reyes (Mechanical Engineering)

Near-IR Detector for Optical Comms
Virginia Commonwealth University

Trevor Tingle (Electrical Engineering and Physics), Samuel Caudill (Electrical Engineering), Samuel Lewis (Mechanical Engineering), Austin Mills (Mechanical Engineering), Matthew Woods (Electrical Engineering)

Remote Exhibit Interpretive System
Arizona state University

Yumeng Ma (Computer Science), Zachary Radu (Computer Science), Jordan Perry (Computer Science), Jiaxin Lin (Computer Science), Jixuan Lu (Computer Science), Jerina Winter Gabriel (Graphic Design), Dhruv Shah (Electrical Engineering), Cecilia Delcamp (Electrical Engineering), Jeirmae (Electrical Engineering), Tega Anene-Maidoh( Electrical Engineering), Adriana González (Engineering Management), Ryan Michael Fatula (Engineering Management)

SRAD Motor/Casing
Rochester institute of technology

Gillian Doolittle (Applied Arts and Sciences), Austin Heisey (Software Engineering), Michael Elrod (Mechanical Engineering), Nathan Aquilio (Mechanical Engineering Technology, MMSI), Brahm Soltes (Mechanical Engineering), James May (Electrical Engineering)

Visualizing Space Data Footprints
Arizona state university

Ninad Kulkarni (Computer Science), Arya Tawde (Computer Science), Beder Deen Rifai (Computer Science)

web-based game – a
Arizona state university

Jenny Zhang (Computer Science), Kayla Markley (Computer Science), Lienna Tieu (Informatics), Maya Muir (Computer Science and Mathematics), Nicole Furlage (Informatics), Tiffany Tran (Engineering Management – Business Analytics)

web-based game – B
Arizona state university

Bradley Potzka (Computer Science), Luke Macy (Computer Systems Engineering), Matthew Benjamin (Computer Science), Meghan Vaughn (Informatics), Sahil Patel (Computer Engineering), Alexander Buckley (Engineering Management)

web-based game – C
Arizona state university

Andrew Lidback (Computer Science), Gerik Swenson (Computer Science), Jason Roselli (Informatics), Lucas Merbeth (Computer Science), Nick Meyer (Computer Science), Jason Hyatt (Engineering Management)

web-based game – e
Arizona state university

Colin Finnegan (Computer Systems Engineering), Rohan Kapur (Computer Science), Siyuan Zhou (Computer Science), Christopher Black (Engineering Management)

web-based game – F
Arizona state university

Christopher Olson (Computer Science), Martin Ople (Computer Science), Preston McArthur (Computer Science), Santiago Sanchez Spence (Computer Science), Tanner Efnor (Informatics), Azalea Bisignano (Engineering Management)

web-based game – g
Arizona state university – online

Marcus Maczynski (Software Engineering), Chris Boveda (Software Engineering), Adam Carroll (Software Engineering), Jason Supnet (Software Engineering), Ian Swanlund (Software Engineering)

web-based game – H
Arizona state university – online

Kevin Somers (Software Engineering), Jesse Ernst (Software Engineering), Christopher Barcelon (Software Engineering (BS)), Jeremy Munson (Software Engineering), Adrian Smith (Software Engineering)

web-based game – J
Pennsylvania State University – Behrend

Thomas Foos (Software Engineering), Nicklas Kotte (Computer Science), Tyler Erdos (Computer Science), Matthew Graham (Computer Science)

web-based game – Project Zephyrus
Pennsylvania State University – Behrend

Joseph W. Nied (Software Engineering), Kristian A. Galarza (Software Engineering), Ashmee Bhatt (Software Engineering), Jeffrey Chavez (Software Engineering), David Hernandez (Software Engineering)

Web-Based Game – Neno’s Asteroid Adventure
Arizona State University (Online)

Amena Mabrouk (Information Technology)

webXR for Public Engagement – ASU
Arizona state university

Micah Schmidt (Computer Science), Diana Flores (Computer Science (Software Engineering)), Nicholas Lloyd (Computer Science), Allaina Ispas (Computer Systems Engineering), Brayden Jenkins (Computer Systems Engineering), David Umana Fleck (Computer Systems Engineering), Shui Lin (Computer Science), Claire Cirelli (Computer Science), Thom Kim (Graphic Design), Jalen Forward (Engineering Management), Adan Guzman (Engineering Management)

webXR for Public Engagement – Poly-A
Arizona state university – poly

Kaylor Davis (Software Engineering), Victoria Bui (Software Engineering), Mary Le (Software Engineering), Jesse Ramirez (Software Engineering)

webXR for Public Engagement – Poly-B
Arizona state university – poly

Armand Altiveros (Software Engineering), Shashvat Patel (Software Engineering), Michael Foster (Software Engineering), Josue Hernandez (Software Engineering)

webXR for Public Engagement – PSU – A
Pennsylvania State University – Behrend

David Yakupkovic (Software Engineering), Joshua Devinney (Computer Science), Alexander Reams (Computer Science), Donovan Myers (Computer Science)

webXR for Public Engagement – PSU – B
Pennsylvania State University – Behrend

Marissa Rossi (Software Engineering), Mio Diaz-Santiago (Software Engineering), Odhrán Kelly (Software Engineering), Taren Lewis (Software Engineering)