Rachel McNeil

Date: November 11, 2018

Major: environmental sustainability management

Genre/Medium: acrylic paint

About the work: This piece explores the transfer of information between the asteroid Psyche and the Earth. The mission to Psyche the asteroid could provide us with more information about Earth’s core. Thus, this piece depicts what information scientists have discovered so far about Psyche through the white infographics and pieces of data. The Earth is green and blue and appears to be merging with a ball of orange, red, and black, which represents the information about Earth’s core Psyche could provide. Instead of depicting what Psyche, a metallic asteroid, could possibly look like, I decided to focus on the data transfer about cores by portraying an image of what someone would usually think of when talking about the Earth’s core.

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Date Added: 11-21-2018
Credit: Rachel McNeil

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