Ticket to Psyche

Britney Hill

December 6, 2021

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Genre/Medium: Digital Editing: Photoshop

About the work: Let’s go to Psyche!

NASA isn’t the only one going on a journey to a metal world—now you’ve got your own ticket to visit (16) Psyche! On this travel ticket sticker, you’ll find the mission origin: Launch Complex 39A at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, and its destination: the Psyche asteroid. The spacecraft housing the instruments, seen on the leftmost side of the ticket, will depart NEXT SUMMER and arrive in early 2026. Under the mission logo on the left, you’ll find a QR code that takes you to psyche.asu.edu, so that you can learn more about the launch. Finally, on the right, you’ll find a bar code that takes you to nasa.gov/psyche to learn more about the NASA Discovery Program and how the mission came to life. Enjoy your trip to a metal world!

Date Added: 12-06-2021
Credit: Britney Hill

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