The Trials of Psyche


April 12th, 2023

Major: Architecture

Genre/Medium: Epoxy Resin, mica powder, and gold flakes cast in a silicone mold.

About the work: ‘The Trials of Psyche’ is a custom chess set inspired by the goddess Psyche’s story. Made from epoxy resin and mica dyes as well as gold flakes and glitter, this art piece embodies the life of Psyche from her mortal birth to her rebirth as a goddess. Like chess is played in turns, Psyche faced similar trials from the hands of Aphrodite. There are many ways to interpret chess as a metaphor for Psyche’s life. For example, each piece on the board is indicative of her journey; her husband Eros as the knight who saves her from the underworld, her own royal parents as the king and queen. The colors chosen in this project are inspired by the Psyche color palette as well as the struggle between Psyche and her enemies. This juxtaposition of light and dark, represented by the pink-gold and dark purple-silver pieces, is indicative of the struggle between good and evil forces in her life.

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Date Added: 04-12-2023
Credit: Abigail Miller

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