The Mind and Soul

Mary Pyrdol

June 1, 2022

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Printmaking/Woodcut/Ink/Masa

About the work: Considering the name of the asteroid, “Psyche” defines a number of significant things. The goddess from Greek mythology, the human experience, and the tangible, metal-rich asteroid. For my final project, I aimed to explore the combination of these concepts into a piece titled “The Mind and Soul”. Pictured in the print design is the silhouette of a human figure, and at the center of the skull is an imprint of the asteroid Psyche. Placing the asteroid in the location of the brain pictorially captures my interpretation of our fascination with the cosmos. In terms of the ‘mind and soul’ concept of this piece, the asteroid essentially becomes the mind, and our desire to explore it is the soul of the mission.

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Date Added: 06-01-2022
Credit: Mary Pyrdol

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