The Magician and The World

Mary Helen Lewis

December 14th, 2022

Major: Biology

Genre/Medium: Digital art

About the work: For my first project I wanted to make a Tarot Card inspired piece to represent the Psyche Mission. I have always loved the style and meaning being tarot cards and wanted to explore that style of artwork. I made two digital pieces, each representing specific cards. The first card that I chose was The Magician. I thought that this card was very fitting, as it represents that you have all of the skills and talent needed to succeed, as well as a connection between the earth and the universe. I decided to include an astronaut in this artwork, despite the fact that we are not sending people to the Psyche asteroid. The astronaut was added to represent the talented people that are working incredibly hard to make this mission happen and connecting us on Earth to the asteroid. The second card that I chose was The World. I strayed from the original design of the Tarot card and decided to represent Psyche 16 as the world. In a way this card represents new opportunities and worlds opening up to you such as the metal world that we will soon sending our orbiter to.

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Date Added: 12-14-2022
Credit: Mary Helen lewis

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