The Life Core of Psyche

Abigail Miller

November 23rd, 2022

Major: Architecture

Genre/Medium: Papier Mache

About the work: The Life Core of Psyche explores ideas of early planetary development and how exploration of Psyche can reveal secrets of our home planet. This piece was first inspired by the suspected nickel-iron core of psyche that is thought to be the basis of terrestrial planets, however development of the project over time revealed themes of life on Earth on the role of our planetary core. The Life Core of Psyche is made with a papier mache base, and several layers of paint applied with varying techniques for optimal texture. The next layer is composed of synthetic leaves and flowers to represent how life can metaphorically grow from the craters of an asteroid. Painted stones have been added around the base of the flowers to create dimension.

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Date Added: 11-23-2022
Credit: Abigail Miller

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