Katherine Page

March 25, 2022

Major: Biology

Genre/Medium: Multi-media collage on cardboard (paper cutouts, paint, sequins, glitter and Mod Podge)

About the work: This collage is like a big thank-you card for each individual involved in the Psyche mission. The Psyche mission is made up of hundreds of people, organized into teams ranging from project system engineering to grad student collaborators. Though many are working in different spaces at different moments, they are all contributing time, knowledge and passion to a collective goal of uncovering the wonders of 16 Psyche. My collage uses photographs, sequins, paint and handmade logo cut-outs to capture the beautiful chaos of the Psyche mission and represent the disciplines and backgrounds that work together. In this piece, focused engineers and ponderous researchers work amidst bright pink stars and splashes of sequins, because intellect and creativity go hand-in-hand. Many Psyche team members share other passions like music and art that stemmed from childhood and remained a creative outlet, and I wanted to emphasize this commonality of a science-arts balance in my work.

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Date Added: 03-25-2022
Credit: Katherine Page

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