Soulful Gift

Alana Negrón Díaz

May 10th, 2023

Major: Civil Engineering

Genre/Medium: Vectornator/ Procreate

About the work: For the fourth and final art piece, I wanted to transmit a mysterious and intriguing setting where Psyche, the goddess of the soul, is giving us a part of her essence, her soul. Her essence turns into the Psyche asteroid taking with it her light, to commemorate her resiliency. In the art piece, we have the goddess Psyche ripping a part of herself, her soul, turning it into a physical form of what we now know as the Psyche asteroid. I wanted to bring an eerie aspect in what it would be her broken chest, sort of representing her story and the evolution of the asteroid with such particular attributes. They both have been through tons of circumstances but they still remained strong at the end. The butterflies represent the beauty out of the bad circumstances. In this case, the turning point in her story, where Psyche can finally be herself. For the asteroid it represents the resiliency of the many years of history that make way for a whole new era.

For the medium, I used Vectornator for the outline and sharper effects and for illumination and other details, Procreate.

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Date Added: 05-10-2023
Credit: Alana Negrón Díaz

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