Emily ku

July 5, 2022

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Genre/Medium: Digital Animation

About the work: This is the resolution of the story behind the person on the journey to find their soul. They confront the dark parts of themselves, and once they decide to own their journey despite its imperfections, decides to embrace the dark parts of themselves rather than fight it. This is meant to represent how sometimes, in order to find ourselves and look within our souls, we need to confront the darkest parts of ourselves, parts that we may find shameful or disappointing. That is okay and a completely normal part of the process, and only when we embrace ourselves including our imperfections are we able to truly find ourselves and grow. At the end, the person’s remembering of their name is meant to symbolize how they have embraced who they are, and the heart they received represents the part of their soul they have found from this journey. In the future, there are many more places to discover, and thus many more parts of themselves to find.

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Date Added: 07-05-2022
Credit: Emily Ku

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