Redesigning Mission to Psyche App

Tori Covell

November 17, 2021

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: UX/UI and Figma

About the work: The Psyche mission app was already created by a group of Seniors at Arizona State University for their capstone project. I decided to redesign the app because it is extremely important to have information communicated clearly and be easy to use. I conducted a survey and asked people to download the current app and give me feedback what they wished to see more of and what improvements were needed. Based on those surveyed, I was able to create an up-to-date version of this app that was easier to navigate and anyone could use. I noticed in the current app it was missing all of the incredible information that the Psyche mission website provided, or it was only providing links to the website. So, I decided to replace the links to the website and include as much information as I could directly into the app, making it more compatible and equal to the website.

Using Figma, a vector graphics editor and prototype program, I created a prototype with layouts, colors, text, and navigation choices. In regards to design choices, I was inspired by the Psyche mission logo. I used the curves of the logo and applied them to all of the buttons and picture frames. This makes it more consistent throughout the entire app, which makes it easier for people to navigate and more intuitive. As for color choices, I, again, was inspired by the logo, but I wanted to add my own twist. So, I replaced the white with the purple from the logo, which I felt would feel more like Psyche’s journey through space.

Date Added: 11-17-2021
Credit: Tori Covell

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