Pulp Psyche

Cristian Ponce

December 19th, 2022

Major: Biological Engineering

Genre/Medium: Graphic Design, Digital Art

About the work:This piece was designed with the intent to inspire viewers with a sense of adventure and thrill that they may get from seeing the cover of an old pulp fiction book. The sense of awe that we get from working on scientific projects is not always easily communicable to people without the same background or interests, but there are many aspects of popular culture that connect us. By utilizing a retro sci-fi, adventurous style, “Pulp Psyche” seeks to inspire people to learn more about the 16-Psyche and the Psyche mission. Adding to the sci-fi theme, the two sketches in the piece (asteroids and astronaut) were generated by an AI model, DALLE2. The use of AI to generate parts of the art connect the imagination of science fiction to the reality of rapid developments in computing and science.

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Date Added: 12-19-2022
Credit: Cristian Ponce

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