Psyche Word Cloud

Kari Sanford

Date: March 28, 2018

Major: engineering management

Genre/Medium: word cloud

About the work: I wanted to tell the stories of the minds and hearts behind the Psyche Mission. With the team’s help, I approached scientists, engineers, journalists, and students associated with this mission and solicited their feedback. All of the words/phrases in this word cloud are their own. The most frequent, and inspiring, feedback that I saw was, ‘More than me,’ or ‘Bigger than me.’ This mission has helped people look beyond their own skillset and find ways to help others grow. Psyche has created a community through engagement: we are all connected through our pursuit of knowledge in deep space.

Special thanks to the contributors: Rona Oran | Steven Dibb | William Bottke | Tess Calvert | Dave Williams | Lindy Elkins-Tanton | Tim McCoy | Hannah L Bercovici | Brooke Owen | Mark Wieczorek | Sofia Garcia | Abigail Weibel | Karin Valentine | Erick Ramirez Cordero | Makenzie Kundrat | John Christoph | Stone Woodham | Brendan Scobie | Rachael Tjahjo | Isaac Wisdom

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Date Added: 03-28-2018
Credit: Kari Sanford
Keywords: art, Psyche Inspired

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