Psyche Wallpapers

chris kim

April 8, 2022

Major: Animation

Genre/Medium: Digital

About the work: I wanted to create desktop backgrounds showcasing the Psyche spacecraft and asteroid as an easy way to support for the mission while garnering interest from anyone else who may see it. I aimed to use a more graphic style in order to fit the modern look of most technology these days, but used grain on one of them to create a more organic feel to match the uncertainty of Psyche’s surface. The primarily orange background is purposely more flat and inorganic as the focus shifts from the ragged surface to the precise build of the spacecraft body. I referenced the Psyche patch colors for both illustrations, but contrasted the two by shifting from one end of the palette (darker purples) to the other end (lighter oranges).

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Date Added: 04-18-2022
Credit: Chris Kim

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